Imperfect Storytelling by Vicky Ayala

Imperfect Storytelling

Hone your style of writing and embrace the brand voice that best reflects your personality with this writing challenge.

Perspective is a choice.

Here's a little secret: Imperfect = I'm Perfect. OK, I can go home now!

Real talk, you already have a great voice. Writing is a skill that you learn and you cultivate, but your voice is already perfect. It took me 20+ years to embrace my voice. I don't want you to spend that much time embracing yours.

Imperfect Storytelling started off as a blogging challenge a few years ago and now it serves as a great primer for practicing your writing voice + style.

There are 28 writing prompts with sample keywords and a Tweetable prompt so you can integrate social engagement as you share your writing.

Publicly share them on your website or use social media (IG + FB) if you don't have a website yet.

This challenge is best done over the course of 28 days. You will receive an email update daily for the next 28 days to help prompt you to work on the writing assignment. 

This writing challenge was designed to help you make writing a habit with simple assignments that give you enough space to be creative without asking you to divulge some deep dark intimate secrets.

Creativity is a muscle and when you work it like one would their biceps then you'll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to be consistent with your brand storytelling.

Let's Do This!

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Day 1
Define Your S.E.L.F.
Day 2
Share A Confession
Day 3
Day 4
One Year To This Date
Day 5
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
Day 6
Plot Twist
Day 7
Guiding Word
Day 8
Core Desired Feelings
Day 9
Tell Us A Story
Day 10
Interview A Guest
Day 11
Day 12
Paint The Picture
Day 13
My "What If" Life
Day 14
Lights, Camera, Action
Day 15
Day 16
Alone Time
Day 17
Day 18
Call Sign
Day 19
Day 20
Love Story
Day 21
Memoir Title
Day 22
Childhood Stories
Day 23
Be Super
Day 24
Day 25
Life Marker
Day 26
Food For The Soul
Day 27
Teachable Moment
Day 28
Celebrate With Intentions

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With over 15 years experience in design and online marketing, I help multi-passionate women leveraging their personal brands to create sustainable online businesses.

My work experience includes program development and vocational counseling within the social services sector, the startup industry, advertising & digital agencies, as well with major media and entertainment brands such as NBC Universal and Vme TV.

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